New Rule: Finish Determined By First Hand Crossing the Finish Line

The FIRS Rulebook has been updated with a number of changes for the 2017 season. These updated rules will be in effect at many events in 2017, including FIRS Roller Speed Skating World Championship, Le Trophé des Trois Pistes, the CERS European Championships, USARS Outdoor and Indoor Nationals, and more.


The finishing order of the race is determined by the leading point of the athlete’s leading hand that has reached the finishing line.

i) The athlete’s leading hand is classified as the multi-fingered organ located at the end of the forearm.

ii) The leading point of the hand is determined as the first (1st) of the two (2) hands that has reached the finishing line.

iii) Unnatural extensions to the hand (example: sticks, rubber bands, pens and pencils, jewelry, sports watches, activity monitors) will not be considered as part of the athlete’s hand.

iv) This rule applies to track, road, indoor, and marathon events.


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