History Lesson in Speed – The Forgotten Muse Brother!


USA speed skating has come a long way–there’s no denying it–and it would be safe to say that the sport encountered somewhat of a jolt around 1991 with the inclusion of inline skates changing the sport in many ways. One cannot help but wonder if Chad Hedrick would have done what he did (52-time inline world champion and Olympic gold medalist on long track ice) on quad skates had inlines never been introduced. Would Joey Mantia then have come along and won 28 world titles on quads? The best in the U.S and in the world on quads weren’t necessarily destined to dominate on inline skates, and only a few actually proved that either on quads or inlines they were still the world’s best! The Muse name in roller sports has been around for generations, but there’s one Muse brother known as the “KING of Quads.” We often forget who actually first ruled the inline scene on USA flat track speed skating, winning two consecutive U.S championships in Senior Men (92’ and 93’) and multiple world titles, all on inline skates, leaving not just some big wins but a legacy.

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