2017 Berlin Marathon x The Lino Life

Without thinking twice he bought a flight to Berlin to skate in the race. And without thinking for a third time, Mr. Lino ended up in Berlin without being registered to compete in the marathon. With a little luck, a little trickery, and with the help of the right person subscribing to his YouTube channel, Ricardo became Samuel and found himself a spot on the starting line.

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Daniel Nielsen’s First Marathon, Berlin 2017

Daniel Nielsen is an aggressive inline skater from Aalborg, Denmark. Daniel has been skating for 15 years and has been sponsored by Razor Skates the last 9 of those years. They have been flying Daniel around the world to compete in aggressive competitions and to film for promotional edits. This year they released a new skate called ”The Shift” that allows you to easily change out small wheels for big wheels. This is what helped give Daniel his first taste of Big Wheel Blading, here is his story….

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