5 Things I Did Wrong & 5 Things I Did Right at A2A 2017

I’m not an expert at A2A by any means (yet), and I’m sure I’ll be writing a similar article next year on what I did wrong at A2A 2018. But what I can tell you is that A2A is one of the accomplishments of which I am the most proud. Some people view it as a race, but as Henry Zuver, its longtime organizer, will tell you, it’s a road skate. You can focus as much or as little as you want on your time. If you think you can do the entire distance, go for it!

The worst that will happen is you end up stopping at a checkpoint. If you’re not ready for 87.9 miles, there are 49 and 38-mile distances to get you started. This is the longest running road skate in the US and the longest in terms of distance, so your participation cements your place as a part of a skating legend. I hope to see you all there skating alongside me this year!


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