Pictures- Als je een elastiek maar lang genoeg oprekt, dan breekt het vanzelf.



Daniel Yeow- Explaining the Mass Start

With the Olympic Winter Games just around the corner in February, the winter season is already well under way. In the sport of speed skating, the first major qualifying event will take place this coming weekend in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. For those of you who are wondering how an athlete qualifies for the games in the sport of speed skating, I have explained it at length in a previous post.


Athens to Atlanta 87-Mile Ultramarathon Recap by Parker Bugg


After the rant, we had dinner and stayed at an Airbnb apartment a few blocks from the starting line with a murderer’s crew: Sonic, Peter Doucet, Candy Wong, John Rodriguez, and Ben Price. It was awesome watching Ben Price eat food off the floor one-handed (his other hand was broken) while trying to putting together his skates, listen to everyone debate what to do with the next day’s conditions, give each other advice, and settle pre-race jitters.

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Canada’s speed skaters strive to live up to Olympic legacy

High above the Olympic Oval on the University of Calgary campus, there are constant reminders of the success achieved by Canadian long track speed skaters.

Larger-than-life banners displaying the names and photos of Olympic greats like Catriona Le May Doan, Clara Hughes, Kevin Crockett, Jeremy Wotherspoon and Susan Auch peer down on the present-day skaters.