J.R. Celski- A new chapter

Harness and spread love like it was the only thing that ever mattered. Love is single handedly the greatest thing on earth. It is reason enough to wake up every morning and be happy to be alive. It challenges and rewards and isn’t biased towards anyone. Serve others around you unconditionally and the gratitude you receive will fill you more than any win or accolade ever could.

The love I have for skating will always be present. I loved winning and loved losing just as much because it drove me to want to win again. I loved giving everything I had inside of me. These were the moments where I thought the least. The moments where I was most present and felt the most peace. I took pride in my technique and being as efficient as possible. I loved the feeling of gliding and making impossible passes a reality. A teammate of mine once told me, we are meditating in its purest form while we are skating. What a great way to describe it. My skates became an expression and extension of myself, my personality, my being. The way I was able to feel the ice represented how I felt inside.

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